Ram Gad

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River Gad which starts close to the Fort Rangana ventures just about 80 kms before gathering the Arabian Sea. It served as a critical exchange course and a key transport interface in those days and Ramgad fortress served as an imperative vigilance base for the same.
This stronghold was based by Shivaji Maharaj on a slope analyzed from the principle mountain scope of Sahyadri and has its primary entryway, fortress divider and bastion in place till date.
Very little data can be inferred on this stronghold. Tulaji Angre won the stronghold in the eighteenth century in the fight with Peshwas. Later, Krishnaji Mahadev who was the Commander of the Peshwas alongwith Sawantwadikars’ Khandaji Mankar won back the fortress in February 1796.
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